Famous Events

The prestige of the Hotel was such that in 1928 many of the delegates attending the OAS Pan American Conference organized in Cuba were accommodated there.

OAS Pan American Conference, Havana city, 1928

Its spacious gallery of illustrious guests offers many interesting anecdotes, like the time famous tenor Enrico Caruso dashed to safety in the Sevilla Hotel where he was staying, following the explosion of an artifact in the Teatro Nacional where he was performing, without bothering to change his clothes or remove his make-up.

On another occasion, famous singer Josephine Baker, who had been previously refused accommodation at the Hotel Nacional because of the color of her skin, was accommodated at the Sevilla Hotel and declared an Illustrious Guest. A press conference was held, which resulted in a great publicity stunt for the Hotel.

The Cuban Revolution

On January 1st, 1959, after the victory of the Cuban Revolution, the owner of the Sevilla Hotel, Don Amleto Battisti Lora, speedily sought asylum in the Uruguayan Embassy and shortly after the Hotel became property of the Cuban Revolutionary State. The hotel continued rendering services until 1965, mainly to national tourism. Between 1966 and 1969 a general overhaul was conducted and areas were adapted for a hotel school.

The present hotel-school was inaugurated on October 1969, with a capacity for 400 guests in its 188 rooms and two living quarters for 200 scholarship students. This school has the honor of having trained most of the country's hotel staff. Twenty years later, in 1989, the complete revitalization of the Sevilla Hotel was initiated. Its appearance was totally renovated. In 1993, the hotel reopened its doors with its former splendor, but now modernized based on a new concept of comfort and of international hotel service.