The Time Line

1880- Works were commenced by one of the few companies directed by Cubans: El Guardian, whose president was Mr. Perfecto Lopez (President) and Mr. Felipe Beltran was its manager.

1908-The Gran Hotel Sevilla was inaugurated on March 22, 1908, in a pompous ceremony attended by the crème de la crème of Havana's society, including the Bishop of Havana and members of the town council; Mrs. Maria Pilar Beltran and Mr. Perfecto Lopez served as sponsors.

1920-During the early twenties, Bowman Hotels, a US company, bought the Gran Hotel Sevilla and the building next to it (originally destined to be a hospital, but never able to open as such since it could not obtain a silence zone authorization in this densely populated area).

1923-On January 24, a contract for the extension of the building was signed with the Arellano and Mendoza Company.

1924-On January 2nd, the Arellano and Mendoza Company concluded the extension process of the hotel, which allowed access to the Paseo del Prado and communicated with the courtyard of the original hotel. The project was concluded in record time, for those years. It became the highest building of its time and christened with a new name: the Hotel Sevilla Biltmore.

1928-Many of the participants in the OAS Pan American Conference, held in Cuba, were guests of the hotel.

1939-Don Amleto Battisti Lora gained control of the Sevilla Biltmore Hotel shares.

1959-On January 1st, following the victory of Cuban Revolution, the owner of the Sevilla Hotel, Don Amleto Battisti Lora, speedily sought asylum in the Uruguayan Embassy and, shortly after, the Hotel became property of the Cuban Revolutionary State and rendered services to national tourism until 1965.

1966 to 1969-A general overhaul was carried out and adaptations made for a hotel school.

October 1969-The present hotel-school was inaugurated with capacity for 400 guests in its 188 rooms and two living quarters for 200 scholarship students. This school has the honor of having trained most of the country's hotel staff.

1989-Complete revitalization of the Sevilla Hotel begins. Its appearance was completely renovated. In 1993, the property reopened its doors with its former splendor but modernized, based on a new concept of comfort and international hotel service.

November 1st, 1995-The Sevilla Hotel, property of the Gran Caribe Cuban Hotel Group, is operated by the French ACCOR Group.